Rear-end traffic collision savecoachella press passs kidnapped woman

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A photo shows a woman on the ground trying to free her bundled hands and feet. [Photo from web]

A rear-end accident saved a kidnapped woman during peak traffic hours Monday evening in Chengdu, Southwest China"s Sichuan province, and police said the kidnapper has been caught.

According to a video and some photos circulating on the internet Thursday, three cars were involved in a rear-end collision, and afterward a woman in black sat on the ground near the third car trying to free her bundled hands and feet.

A witness said the accident happened at the Gaosheng Bridge of Chengdu"s No 1 Ring Road on Monday, and a man wearing a peaked cap left the third car and ran away. Shortly after, the woman rolled out from the backseat.

The witness said the woman"s hands were tied and her mouth was covered with tape. The shocking scene prompted some people to take photos with their phones.

Police from Chengdu"s Qingyang district published a post on the department"s official Weibo account around on Tuesday confirming police have caught the man who fled the scene. The suspect, surnamed Chen, was apprehended in Mianyang, Sichuan province the same day.

The accused, 30, confessed he kidnapped the woman at an underground car park near the No 1 Ring Road, and further investigation was underway, according to the Weibo post.

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